lunedì, giugno 28, 2004


I beastie boys smentiscono che il loro ultimo cd installi alcunchè sull'HD di chi se lo suona.

Riporto dal sito

"1. There is NO copy controlled software on US or UK releases of Beastie Boys' "To the 5 Boroughs."
2. The disk *IS* copy controlled in Europe - which is standard policy for all
Capitol/EMI titles (and a policy used by ALL major labels in Europe).
3. The copy protection system used for all EMI/Capitol releases including "To the 5 Boroughs" is Macrovision's CDS-200, which sets up an audio player into the users RAM (not hard drive) to playback the RED book audio on the disk. It does absolutely NOT install any kind of spyware, shareware, silverware, or ladies wear onto the users system."